I. ¿What is History under Debate?

II. What proposes HuD? The Manifesto

III. The latin issue in global historiography

IV. Spanish civil war history

V. What to do?

VI. What kind of history shall we teach in the new century?

VII. World history / Global history

VIII. Height of the historical novel

IX. Colonization of América and pardon of Spain


X. What happens with the history of Spain?


XI. Historical humor


XII. Globalization and historiography

XIII. Historical barbarisms


XIV. Invented Traditions


XV. Why to study history?


XVI. Biography and history


XVII. Is possible a immediate history?


XVIII. History and Objectivity


XIX. HuD with EE UU [22/9/01]


XX. HuD in English [19/9/01]


XXI. Educational experiences [5/11/01]


XXII. Digital History [12/11/01]


XXIII. HuD and the anonymous [12/11/01]


XXIV. HuD. Reconstruction of debates [20/11/01]


XXV. History and Journalism [18/3/02]


XXVI. History and Ethic [13/5/02]


XXVII. Are We at the Contemporary Time? [29/6/02]


XXVII. History and Work [28/9/02]


XXVIII. Innovation and Commitment [29/3/03]


XXIX. Another proposals


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